Party walls

A Party wall is a dividing partition between two adjoining properties that is shared by the owner of each residence. The wall can be constructed over the centre of the property line dividing two terrace flats or houses. The term can be also used to describe a division between separate units within a multi-unit apartment complex. Very often the wall in this case is non-structural but designed to meet established criteria for sound and/or fire protection between residential units.

If you or your neighbour are planning to undertake works to, or affecting, a shared wall, or excavating nearby, it is likely this will be regulated by the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, on which we can provide detailed advice including: 


  • Provision of best interest advice on the implications and obligations of the Act.
  • Acting for the building owner or adjoining owner's surveyor, serving and/or receiving notices.
  • Negotiating and administering awards under the Act.
  • Acting as 'third surveyor' under the Act, in the event of a dispute.

Download the Communities and Local Government Party Wall Act 1996 explanatory booklet or for more detailed advice contact Peter Thatcher or call us on +44 (0) 20 7306 1670.